Know How Corrosive Your Finished Water Is After Treatment 

Corrosion rate displayed in real time.

    Continuous Monitoring

Current corrosion rate displayed throughout the day.

      Feedback On Chemical Feed Rate Adjustments

Monitor the impact that pH adjustment and/or corrosion inhibitor adjustment has on corrosion rates and optimize your corrosion control.

      Historical Record

Record corrosion rates and chart with temperature, orthophosphate residual, and pH in your laboratory for trend analysis.

Water Quality Impact on Corrosion Rates

Monitor the impact that changes in water quality has on the corrosivity of the water.

The InstantMPY Corrosion Monitoring System is a microprocessor-based, field-mountable corrosion rate meter and probe. This instrument measures the corrosion rate in real time and electrochemical current between the electrodes of any standard 2-electrode linear polarization resistance (LPR) probe. 

Corrosion meters have been used for many years in the oil and gas industry to detect internal corrosion in pipelines. Concerns for the drinking water industry include both maintenance of the distribution system and the health effects of corrosion. Our corrosion meter model was designed in 2012 to provide accurate and reliable corrosion measurement in the drinking water sector and continues to do so today.